……. I haven’t been on here in ages. And fuck tumblr’s new agreement license. Also, whats up, guys?


… this is it. My last tumblr post ever (but don’t worry, I have no plans to kill myself, this is just the last anonymous rant that I will ever post on the internet). Goodbye folks.

I know that I’ve been a huge dickhead to certain folks over the course of the past year-three years. I apologize to everybody that this entails; including you, you, and you; even though I know that the people I am talking about don’t even read this crap. There are four of you in particular:

1. Little man, remember when we used to go exploring the underbelly of the delta wilderness that was right near our backyards? Remember ditching class to smoke a joint and play lava tag at the park, even though we were far too old for that shit? Having fun for the sake of having fun, that’s what we did. And then some woman got in the way of our friendship and I don’t know if you changed more or if I did since then. Sometimes I think it was me, and for the worse. Anyways, I miss you dude, even though you’re right across this little body of water we call the SF bay. Let’s hang out more.

2. In all honesty, you are the woman that got between me and (see above), and I know that we got together and did some things and that I’ll probably always (pathetically) say “yes” if you ever wanted to try and make it work, but at the same time I’m not trying to fuck over a good friend of mine. I hope you guys can work your shit out.

3. You. That girl. I drove myself crazy over you, and forced you to suffer the consequences. I’m sorry for being such an abusive asshole, and I know that you will probably never forgive me for some of the things that I said and did, but goddammit, I’m sorry. I hope maybe one day we can reconnect as friends because you were a somewhat okay human being in a world full of shitty people. Even if you were somewhat depressing, but that’s another rant for another time.

4. DUDE! I heard you got arrested a few days ago and had to spend your holiday weekend (on vacation, nonetheless) in jail. Over some shit that people like you and I find inconsequential, but God be Damned if the Man ever catches wind of it. On top of this, you dealt with the bulk of my crap for the past however long it’s been since I found myself to be one of those lonely motherfuckers once again. Thanks for bein’ there. I hope you get out of that hell-hole soon.

Next time…

…anyone threatens to kill themselves while I’m busy making music I’ll tell them to put their money where their mouth is and do it.


I used to be in a band that no longer exists because when we used to practice I would get text messages from my (then) girlfriend, talkin’ about killin’ herself. It’s hard to play music when people are playing you.


I can’t wait until this “Living” thing is over with, and I can just float around out in space.


…it seems like certain people pretend that they are crazy to get some kind of attention from somebody.

I’m really sorry, honey, this act doesn’t work on those that are genuinely crazy and have no other option than to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. We can’t get “therapy” because we can’t afford it. We genuinely grew up in Satan’s asshole and our daddy’s never bailed us out of anything.

You will never know what it is to work for something, You don’t NEED to.

Goodnight world, I hope that someday maybe God will do y’all a favor and release me from this hell-hole of a reality.

I love you…

… but I really hate what you do to my brain.

First tumblr post in hella long (don’t read)

So I could hang out with ________________ and not get laid. I could even hang out with _________________ and not get laid. I could also just hang out by myself and masturbate. Or hang myself while masturbating.

That’s it. See y’all next year sometime.

The best shit.

The best shit.


… I haven’t logged into this crap in like a month and a half and I still haven’t been deleted.


…as you were.